Sissy Punishment – The humiliating PVC rain coat

In this letter our very obedient member RubberPinafore shares the story of washing the cars. It is a great story of Sissy Punishment which involves some humiliating moments. I enjoyed reading it so much that I wanted to share it with you all! I completed one of my major weekly chores and cleaned both cars […]

Rules to be an obedient feminized sissy maid

Many dominant women are looking for an obedient feminized sissy maid. In order to help you with your training I have come up with a few guidelines that every sissy maid should follow. These rules will help you become a better submissive sissy for your wife or girlfriend. Becoming a obedient sissy maid is not […]

Forced feminization stories & men in satin panties

Satin Submissions is a site that focuses on stories, articles, and discussions about forced feminization. But what is forced feminization exactly? For those of you new to the community, here is an overview of what it’s all about. Forced feminization is the art of switching the gender role of a submissive male. One of the […]

Femdom Cave and Satin Submissions partner up

I often connect with my visitors to ask them why they prefer reading femdom stories instead of watching adult videos, and their answers are mostly the same. My readers love to use their imagination and they enjoy discovering the naughty corridors their minds lead them down with the help of some perfectly crafted sentences. Imagination […]