Forced to cross dress on Halloween

Halloween is a great reason to show your submissive side and cross dress for your mistress. Other than writing these articles and stories, I also enjoy dominating my partner. This Halloween was no exception and I wanted to share this exciting day with you. Below you will find a story that is heavily based on the events that took place… Read More »

Training a sissy husband

Do you enjoy forced feminization stories in which a normal man is transformed into a sissy husband? No more cold beers on the couch in front of the television. Instead the new role for this sissy husband is to put on his apron and do the dishes, clean the toilet and pleasure his wife.  Samantha did an excellent… Read More »

Femdom Stories & eBooks

I often ask my visitors why they prefer reading femdom stories & eBooks instead of watching femdom videos. Their answers are mostly the same. My readers love to use their own imagination. They enjoy discovering the naughty corridors their minds lead them down with the help of some perfectly crafted sentences in these femdom stories. Imagination is a… Read More »

Employer forcefully transformed into a sissy maid

A strong-willed mature woman turns her employer into a sissy maid. In this story the roles are reversed and the employer ends up being the male maid for his bossy housekeeper. I have a housekeeper for over twenty years. In my last position I had two maids and a butler under my command. But times have changed unfortunately and… Read More »