A feminine bibbed apron for a messy eater

By | October 9, 2013

As a student of 20 years old, I often slept at my girlfriends house. She had to get up early often, I always had late lessons. Waking up at 9 in the morning when my girlfriend was long gone, I often found myself alone in the house with my mother in law, miss Hamshire. She was a very nice person who always wanted the best for you, protective and caring.

As I woke up this monday morning my girlfriend already left for her hairdressing course. I put my shorts and t-shirt on and head downstairs. Greeting my mother in law I head to the kitchen for a bowl of yogurt with strawberry sirup. I head into the living room and sit down with my bowl and watch some tv. I’ve always been a messy eater behind the television or when distracted. Half awake I begin eating and after just a few spoons I end up spilling some yogurt on the carpet. I call to my mother in law that I’ve had a little accident. She walks in and see’s the mess, she doesn’t say anything and walks straight back into the kitchen.

Pink frilly polka dot white apron

Rian really did not want to wear a frily pink polka dot apron.

After a moment my mother in law walks right out again and is carrying a cleaning cloth and some kind of apron. She hands me the cloth and I get down on my knees and scrub the floor. Once I get up she stands behind me and tells me to hold out my arms. I do so and she slips a full bibbed apron on me. The apron is pink with white big (polka) dots on it. It has a special protective layer so its waterproof. She takes the laces at the neck and pull them together and lays a knot in them, so the apron bib is now just on my neck. Then the straps at the back get a firm knot which takes her about 10 seconds to put in.

She turns me around and tells me that she didn’t want me to spoil my clothes and to be a little bit more careful. I apologise and sit down to eat my bowl of yogurt. She puts on her jacket telling me she will go to the store, I greet her and finish up my bowl of yogurt. When I bring the bowl to the kitchen I walked past the mirror in the hallway. I’m wearing a pink apron which is from my neck down to my knees. I put my bowl down and try to take it off, the knot is really tight and I can’t get it undone. After a few minutes I give up, then I realize my mother in law is still out.

Two hours later my mother in law returned. I meet her in the living room and she sees I’m still wearing the apron. She says “I see you decided to keep wearing the apron, not such a bad idea if you look at how messy you can be while eating”. I tell her I can’t take it off. “Ah thats alright, I’ll help you with that. But first, can you grab the grocery bags from the back of my car?” Said my mother in law.

The car was parked just in front of the house. I didn’t want to go out there with this apron on. So I told her I would get them if she could remove the apron first. she replied “I got my hands full, just run over and get these grocery bags for me, you look fine.” and she walked off. I couldn’t go out like that. She returned and was disappointed and walked straight to the car and came back with the last grocery bags. She closed the door and walked right past me. Then she called me from the kitchen.

Pink polka dot white apron bib

Rian started getting used to his brand new apron. He had been wearing it for hours now.

Can you wash your bowl and do the breakfast plates with it? I have to go to my art lessons. I was about to object but saw she wasn’t in a good mood cause of my lack of help with unpacking the groceries. So I agreed and she finished putting the groceries away while I ran hot water in the tub. She walked out of the room saying I’ll be back later. I finish up the dishes and was still trapped in this apron.

I had to wait 2 hours before she came back and I was still wearing the apron, since I couldn’t get it off. When she opened the door I suddenly heard a second and a third voice. She walks into the room and greets me while 2 friends from her art class walk in right after her. She introduces me as her daughters boyfriend and the two women giggle and tell me how nice the apron looks on me. I blush and my mother in law tells them about my accident with the yogurt and thats why she put an apron on me. The two women agreed with her and told me they always wore an art smock during art class. The three women sit down and my mother in law asks me if I would mind helping her in the kitchen for a second.

I followed her into the kitchen. She asked me to help her make some coffee and get some cake from the fridge. It was a cream cake with loads of cream on top. We put out 4 pieces of cake on nice little plates. Then we also had 4 coffee and brought them together into the living room. Just before we headed out of the kitchen I asked her if she could take off the apron. She giggled and said “oh im sorry I was already getting used to that image of you wearing it” I felt very humiliated in that apron standing in front of her while she said that. But she told me to turn around and undid the knots and helped me out. She said “but watch out with that messy habit, otherwise I should buy you your own apron” and she smiled. I told her I would be careful from now on.

We sat down and the women talked about art class. Then we all started eating our cream cakes. After just a few bites I saw the women next to me looking at me and saying “ah watch out now messy eater, very brave to have put away that nice apron when eating a cream cake like this one” I blushed and told her I would be more careful from now on. But just as I said it I managed to drop some on my trousers. My mother in law handed me her handkerchief saying “oh you’re even worse than a 3 year old”. I apologised while wiping my clothes clean. The woman who was sitting next to me stood up and said “oh I know a solution”. She walked towards her art class bag she brought with her and picked out a large folded piece of cloth. I didn’t realise what it was at that time.

Blue nylon satin smock kittel apron

After wearing the apron, now this art smock was Rian’s next garment of torture and humiliation.

she told me to stand up and folded the pile out. It was a huge art class smock with sleeves. She told me to hold out my arms. I told her it was really not necessary and that I would look foolish in it. She raised her voice and said “listen to me now, you will hold your hands out right now” I was shocked by the dominance in her voice and didn’t dare to disobey her. I held out my arms and she guided them into the sleeves. The soft material was now covering my shoulders as the woman started gathering the pieces of cloth together in the back.

She started buttoning it up just below my knees. She slowly buttoned her way up to halfway up my back. I kept thinking, how many buttons can there be.. With every button she fastened, I felt more restricted. The last button was all the way up the back of my neck. I felt very restraint and the women looked at me and start giggling at how submissive and soft I could be once wearing a feminine garment.

I was motioned to sit down and finish my piece of cake. My mother in law had a big smirk on her face. “I can’t make up my mind if I like your apron or this satin smock/nylon kittel better, they both protect you very well though..” I was blushing, I didn’t like either of them! “Anyhow, after we finished eating I want you to wash these dishes and cups and wipe down the table, understood?” Now my mother in law was just showing off in front of her friends. “Did you understand Rian?” My mother in law had raised her voice. “Yes.” I replied meekly. “Yes WHAT?” I could feel the anger in her voice. “Yes miss Hamshire.” The ladies were all thinking the same.. He will make for an excellent future domestic helper to his current girlfriend… His girlfriend’s mother had now officially started his training!


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2 thoughts on “A feminine bibbed apron for a messy eater

  1. rubberpinafore

    My wife would insist I wore both…

    Since discovering my fetish for aprons and women’s work wear in general, I am now a full time house maid to her. I wear a formal (and severe uniform at all times consisting of:

    — rubber underwear and PVC nappy
    — nipple clamps with chain through cock cage and tensioned
    — anal plug
    — hollow cock plug with glans ring
    — CB 3000 chastity cock cage
    — professional knee length UK nurse or maid dress/uniform (locked at collar)
    — tabard
    — bibbed PVC kitchen apron
    — waist apron
    — fully bibbed, cross tied transparent and lockable apron
    — soft plastic dental bib (locked)
    — minimum two pairs of rubber gloves
    — PVC sleeve protectors
    — double rubber hood, open face and closed with eye, nose and mouth holes (locked)
    — O ring gag (with full head harness and locked)
    — inflatable penis gag (with full head harness and locked)
    — maid’s mob cap or rubber nurse hat

    Pictures and discussions/stories at my Flickr group- see above

  2. Jack

    I love to wear silk panties but never find mistress who likes to feminize me. Still stay in the closet


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