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Forced Feminization Stories

Here you will find high quality forced feminization stories for your reading pleasure. In these stories strong dominant women force helpless men into satin panties, pinafore aprons and even lockable French maid uniforms.

Training a sissy husband

Do you enjoy forced feminization stories in which a normal man is transformed into a sissy husband? No more cold beers on the couch in front of the television. Instead the new role for this sissy husband is to put on his apron and do the dishes, clean the toilet and pleasure his wife.  Samantha did an excellent… Read More »

Jeff is getting into skirts, corsets, heels and more forced feminization

Jeff slid into the seat on the airplane. He always hated traveling. It wasn’t so much the comfort factor as he was relatively small at only five foot eight. But nonetheless Jeff always seemed to attract the most undesirable people on the plane who somehow always had to be sitting next to him. To make matter even worse… Read More »