She gets him to wear panties

By | October 25, 2013

I always knew that the way to get him to behave, was to get him into panties. I want a boyfriend who listens to me and performs well in the bed room, not the typical macho.

Early on when Mark and I were dating, I was already wearing the pants. I would make the decisions and I noticed he wouldn’t fight it. It all started with me trying to push for the boundaries, but to my surprise, he didn’t fight me at all.

Blue satin panties

Mark would soon be a man in blue satin panties

He was over at my place in the shower, and while he was getting nice and clean I went through his backpack to grab his underwear and hide them in my closet. The pair he had been wearing I had thrown quickly in the wash. Now I was just waiting on the couch for events to unfold.

Mark was looking puzzled, wondering around my house just wearing his towel to protect his private parts. I asked him what was wrong. “uh well, have you seen my underwear? It’s not in my backpack and..” I interrupted him “you didn’t bring any clean underwear? That’s kinda gross.. not in my house mister.” I said with some authority. “No it’s just that I’m sure I brought some and..” I raised my hand and said “well clearly you didn’t, let’s find you something to wear.” As I stood up I made my way over to the bedroom.

I got him a beautiful pair of blue satin panties to wear. I held them up and enjoyed the look on his face “I can’t wear those panties” he said while blushing. “oh that’s where you are wrong mister, now stop being such a little man and put these on.” As I said that I quickly gave his towel a tug which fell to the floor exposing him. He was not very comfortable standing naked in front of me while I was wearing a sexy skirt and a white satin blouse. As I was trying to hand him the panties, I knew that this was a big step. If he was to accept the panties, he would really be all mine.

Mark slowly reached out to grab the panties from his girlfriend, Jennifer. As he was about to grab them, Jennifer pulled them away from him in a childish manner. “Oops, too slow, hah. Try again!” Jennifer mocked him. This time Mark was trying a quicker grab and managed to grab the pair of blue panties in his hand. They were very smooth and soft, he did enjoy holding them but at the same time was embarrassed. Jennifer just stood there looking at him with a smirk on her face. “Well what are you waiting for? Put on your satin panties little boy.” She said teasingly. Who would have thought that he would comply to her wishes.. he certainly didn’t. He slowly bent over and put his right foot through the hole and after his left foot. He slowly pulled the panties up until it covered his private parts.

Jennifer stepped towards Mark and pulled the panties up even more. It was a pair of full cut satin blue panties. It has a nice edging, they were truly beautiful. She liked the look of panties on a man. By pulling the panties up they were nicely encasing Mark’s balls in the soft shiny material, it was now also completely covering his cock which was reacting to the soft fabric. Lastly his cute butt was now better covered by these full cut panties. She thought to herself ‘panties for him make sense!’.

Black satin skirt

Mark’s head was soon far up Jennifer’s skirt.

Mark was somewhat embarrassed and didn’t really know what to do. Jennifer wanted to push this even further so she decided to see how docile he actually would be while wearing panties. She threw a pillow on the floor and ordered Mark to get on his knees. She sat on the edge of the bed and lifted her skirt up a little bit. She grabbed Mark’s head with both her hands and guided it towards her crotch. She pulled his head under her skirt and guided it further in between her legs. She was dripping wet from forcing this poor sissy boy into panties. She commanded “Better make me come or you will never wear boxer shorts again.”

This panty boy was sitting on his knees wearing these blue satin panties. His head was under Jennifer’s skirt finding her wet pussy. To his surprise she wasn’t even wearing underwear herself. Did she plan all this? He couldn’t really give it too much thought since his head got grabbed and pushed into soaking wet pussy while he heard her say in a stern voice “I said make me come you little panty boy!” He eagerly started licking her wet pussy. Little did he know that this would become a daily ritual from now on.


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13 thoughts on “She gets him to wear panties

  1. Brittany

    So hot !! thats how it always starts for us sissies, we are in panties first.. but it never can stop there..

  2. graham

    yes my roommate she hand me a pair black lace thong panties and told to put them on i did as told i pull the panties up over my ass and they fit i ask her how come they fit me she told me i toke a pair of your underwear and got the right size then she had me turn around she told me you have a very nice ass then she told me do you like your panties i told her yes i love the feel of the silk good then would you wear them for me i ask her how long well if you like all the time i told her just this one pair no silly girl we can go and get you some more panties i told her yes lets as we went to the store i ask her as a joke next thing i know you have a bra on me to she told me now that would be nice to see you in a bra well now in the store we look at panties and bras when a sale girl came over and ask if she could help my room mate told her i need some panties and bra for my sissy girl the girl look at me and smile are they for him yes she said then she told the girl look he has panties on now the girl look and said yes i think i can find some thing for him or maybe her what do you want me to call him or her just let said we call her sissy then she hand me a black push up bra and hook it up she told my room mate its to bad her breasts are small well we can fixs that for now till her breasts grow out more now after three month my breasts has grew out and i wear a dress now and i had to throw out my male clothes i now only dress as a girl

  3. Berta

    Wish my wife had done that for me, instead I had to find out for myself and become forevermore addicted to wearing satin panties all the time now!!!
    Thanks for this story, I enjoyed it very much! :>)

  4. graham

    well after three month not only i wear dress i have become the house wife i no longer work outside the house my room mate told me you are the one that wear the panties around here and at night you will dress in a short teddy i want my sissy ready for me just then she show me her new strap on dido this is for you my dear you will love my cock now lift that teddy up i want to see your pussy ass just then she ripe my panties off and slap my ass you will not wear panties at night then she bend me over and shove that dido up my ass it hurt a bit soon i was back up to her dido that my bitch i knew you like this i said yes please make me your bitch that what i plan to do now i become a sissy wife with breasts and last night she had a male friend over and when was done with me i was full up by his hot cum and now i have two master

  5. Ralph

    Deborah, where are you my love? Only you and me no others that’s for sure.

  6. graham

    well to-day my girl friend mother came over i was dress in my maid outfit the one show off my breasts a bit well what a lovey maid you have dear then she told her mother this here is my boy friend but dear girl whyhis he dress in a maid outfit because that the way i want it he/she do all the house work honey she has breasts no man has breast that look like that i know mother i had him on pills that made them grow now mother how you like them well dear let me see them just then she walk over ripe my blouse open her mother look at my black lace bra came over unhook it it fell off me my dear girl they are lovey my i feel them she told her go ahead mother her mother play with my breasts then i saw my girl friend go behind her mother i heard a zipper been pull down then i saw her mother red bra and her daughter unhook her bra and rub her tits mother dear go suck her titsher mother put her lips around one and suck as she did this her daughter ripe her panties off her now mother i have some thing for you just then she shove her dido cock in her as mother suck my tits her daughter shove that dido in and out of her ass that when she told her not to stop i wont mother as long you do as told she said yes then you will become are slave and teach my bitch how to be a sissy bitch well after five month i became there bitch ad her new boy friend bitch and her mother boy friend but the nice part is mother and i are dress in the same clothes for her daughter we are her bitch and sex slave

  7. graham

    well to-day my girlfriend mother came in to my room my dear girl to-day you have to get waxs that mean all your hair will be gone and after that i put fake nails on you and toe nails painted bright red then a short white shirk a black blouse red panties and bra white high heels then you and i will go out to the bar my daughter want you to pick up some one and bring them home with you we went to the bar and a women came over hi girls my i sit down mother said yes they talk for awhile so this is your sissy yes why she look very nice are you two busy no mother told no how would like to come to my place mother told he no she has house work to do but if you like come with us she said yes when we got home i change into a maid outfit that show my breasts when i came out the girl look at me what lovey breasts yu have just then mother came over and open my top do you like she said yes well why dont you come over and play with them she did just that soon i was just in my panties and bra i look and mother had her strap-on cock then i saw mother ripe the lady dress off she had on a pink panties and bra on then her panties came off mother told hher suck her tits while i shove my cock in your ass after awhile we were been mother slave and now my girlfriend and mother as two sex slave

  8. graham

    well to-day i was told that my breast will be big mother and the other Lady had some fake breasts these are 44 c breasts this will help till your breasts have grow out then they glue them on then she told me that little thing you call a dick its now be cage up you wont be need that any more soon you beg to have it remove well after three month in a cock cage and my fake breasts came off i start to see my breasts grow out a bit mother said look are girl has small tits soon they will be big as ours then she open a door and a Lady came in mother told us this is a doctor she here to help make you more girly as mother told us this i felt a little faint i just heard the doctor said when she walk up she be a girl just with a dick and then i was a sleep when i did wake up i was in a pair of ruffle red panties with the word sissy bitch on the front cock sucker mother came over and said how my bitch now i said fine mommy do my bitch like her new look she show me in the mirror i look like a relley girl i could see my tits over my bra mommy told me just thing now you are one lovey girl then i ask mommy do i have a pussy too no dear your balls were remove so you wont get hard just then i walk over and kiss mommy lips yes dear kiss mommy then i remove mommy dress now mommy was just in panties and bra i ripe her bra off and suck her breasts mommy told me that my baby girl make mommy happy did as told soon mommy came in her panties do mommy want baby to suck her panties clean yes dear as i did mommy ripe my panties off and shove her dido cock in my pussy ass just then the Lady docker came in well what have we here she look at mommy has is she she has a tight pussy as i look over she had remove her dress and panties that when i saw a big hard cock with balls she walk over and shove the cock in my mouth as i suck her off mommy was shoving that dido in me the doctor told mommy let me shove my cock in her now and fill it up with cum and just then she came in me that was great just thing we have a sex slave that love cock

  9. graham

    i no longer with them i move out and found a lady that toke me in she told me i know you had a bad master so i am going to let you have your way if you want to stray with me you be my house keeper i said yes well after a few month one night i walk in to her bedroom just in a red nightie and told her i am your to do as please she told me to show her i pull the cover off her and she had on just panties i bend down and suck her tit then i remover her panties and i saw her big male cock i wrap my lips around her cock and started to suck as i suck her cock she ripe my nightie off yes my girl suck my cock and get it hard put do not make me cum i stop and she pull out of my mouth got up and turn me over so my ass was in the air and she put some cream on my ass hole and her cock then shove her cock in my ass hole you have a tight pussy ass just then she shoot her hot cum in me we lay on the bed in arm wrap around each other in the morning i woke up and put my lips around her cock and suck she woke up and told me what a lovey girl giving her new mommy a blow job would you like to be mommy new little sissy girl i told her yes mommy and to please you mommy good then now after three years i am mommy sissy girl and house slave

  10. sissy gm

    yes after three years i still mommy little girl and house slave the only thing now have breasts like a girl they are 44 c cup and a nice round ass and i love mommy cock and now her mother move in and i become her sissy bitch too now with two masters i have lots of house work to do


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